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Deborah S. Shea

  • New York State Certified Assessor
  • Tel: 845-887-4286
  • The Assessor is responsible for setting the valuation of all real property in the Town and administering the assessment procedures in the Town. She assesses property when a building permit is issued on improvements and additions; maintains property tax exemptions for senior citizens, veterans, clergy, agricultural, volunteer firefighter/ambulance workers, nonprofit organizations; handles property ownership transfers, splitting and merging of properties through filed maps.

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Exemption Information

You can register for the STAR exemption online through You'll need to:

BASIC STAR The Basic STAR exemption is available to those homeowners who make the Town of Fremont their primary residence, regardless of age, but whose income (generally, Gross Income less IRA Distributins) is less than $500,000. Basic STAR requires an initial application but does not require annual renewals, with the exception of the current refiling process that took place in 2013.

ENHANCED STAR If you are over 65 years of age, with income (generally, Gross Income less IRA Distributions) less than $81,900, you may qualify for the Enhanced STAR exemption. Proof of age and income are required.

Enhanced STAR requires renewal each year. You have two options to renew your Enhanced STAR exemption:

STAR application forms may be obtained by contacting the Assessor or by downloading the form at the following website:

Assessment Information